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Become the master chef you have always wanted to be! This year it’s this highly addictive time-management game that’ll bring you a better cooking experience!
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Cooking Madness Mod APK

Currently, visuals are one of the most important elements in capturing the player’s attention in numerous games. Be the expert gourmet specialist you’ve been wanting to be for a long time! A good example of this is Cooking Madness Mod APK. It is this year that you will experience a new level of cooking with this immensely addictive board game.

Overview Cooking Madness Game

This is a restaurant-themed game! Cooking Facsimile provides Gamers with an opportunity to become chefs through its time management property. Cooking Delicious Recipes for Your customers or for yourself is a pleasure that you will enjoy. Cooking Madness is one of the most popular games in the field of cooking games. In addition, it belongs to the ZENLIFE games brand.

This game has surpassed 100 million players in no time. Though it was released on 30 Sep 2017, it has received excellent reviews with an average rating of 4.6 and, most importantly, 200  million reviews in these three years.

The restaurant game will surely satisfy your craze for chefs.

Cooking Madness Game Functions

 A passion for life

Cooking madness is filled with passion; you will certainly enjoy every moment of it. Additionally, this game will allow you to learn something that you are passionate about!

The design of an image with effects

Normally, every game does not have the visual effect shown in published advertisements. As Cooking madness has proven in numerous reputable social networking sites, it will ensure image quality. The game Cooking Madness has an attractiveness, is genuine, creates a friendly feeling.

Visually best

They spent a lot of time looking at the cooking and giving it the best visual appeal. In addition to fixings, vegetables, shrimp, meat, fish are all crisp, giving an impression of crispness.

Travel around Globe

The concept is not new; players will have to go through various stages to make their careers. Being a chef directly is not an impressive achievement. It’s not the restaurant’s responsibility to turn you into a chef, it’s your ability, and ultimately, players will not stay in a single restaurant for very long.

At every new level, promotions will be made, and you will be reminded that challenges are more difficult than before. Moreover, different customers have different wants and needs, so players have different goals.

Whether you are looking for something special or something delicious we have it for you

Exactly! That’s what should have happened. Before customers arrive and the store opens, all the material related to food needs to be prepared because if customers arrive during an unprepared time, it is difficult to fulfill their orders. As time passes, you’ll begin to feel at ease, but as time goes on, the pace of the game will increase, and you must react as fast as it is, or you will lose.

It is difficult to prepare the recipes for all the dishes because there are so many. This aspect of the game makes it more appealing yet in no way distracting to those who love cooking.

Improve service quality 

As you progress, your work becomes more challenging. In order to get these easy cooking tools, players upgrade their kitchen systems. Furthermore, the material must be upgraded in quality.

A new recipe is unlocked

So there you go! When you travel around the world serving food to customers, you know that each place has their own requirements. Contingent upon where you came from and what stages and encounters you have, these new plans will be opened.

About cooking Madness APK

Initially, we were concerned! We have made it easy for you to play Cooking Madness on your smartphone if your device is not compatible. It can be downloaded here in APK format. It will be a great experience for you. I’ll fetch it for you.

 Cooking Madness APK Download 

Click the Download button

The download begins

After you have downloaded the file, open it and install it.

You now have access to the game. Fun times!

Cooking Madness mod APK

Don’t delay! The surprise package we have for you is for you. The Cooking Madness mod APK is available. Among the features, you will find are visual effects, improved art, graphics optimization, and performance optimization. Are you still thinking the same way you used to? Please, go ahead and download it; its awesomeness will surely appeal to you.

Cooking Madness Mod APK Download Tips

  • To download the APK, click the download button 
  • To install a downloaded file, tap it once it is complete
  • You can start playing the game and teaching yourself to cook once the installation is complete


 How safe is it for you? 

Sure, of course! This app is completely virus-free and scanned, and will never harm your smartphone at all.

 Are you able to have it?

The opposite is true! A 116 MB game is all it takes. Such an impressive game in only 116 MB is simply unbeatable!

 Is the game challenging?

When it comes to cooking, lover difficulties are not much of significance, so the game remains less troublesome yet still interesting.


Love a little adrenaline while you’re cooking? Keeps track of busy times to offer better service at that time. Cooking Madness Mod APK will keep you entertained with challenging missions set up at every level and stage. As we assure you, you’ve never encountered such attractiveness before. Don’t forget to let us know how you enjoyed your day.

What's new

New update available for Cooking Madness!

The Veggie Festival is available from June 19th - 28th:
- The Organic Farm is about to open! Beat levels and grow all of the veggies!
- The Veggie Festival pack will be available during the event!
- A special Veggie Festival limited avatar awaits!

It's picnic season! Let's go for a picnic tour and win time-limit boosters!
More content added to the Cuisine Guide!
Visual and general user experience optimized

Have fun playing!


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