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Play Rival Stars Horse Racing for the ultimate horse racing experience. Care for and train your own stable of horses, breed the perfect champion, manage a homestead ranch, and race for victory!
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             Rival Star Horse Racing Mod APK

Worldwide, there are a lot of racing games. The graphics of some of them and their racing stunts have made them famous. It does have good graphics, though, and it is called Rival Star Horse Racing Mod APK. You ride the horse to win the race, but you win the race by riding this animal. The winning ships and riding styles of this game have made it popular. Upon winning the race, you will become a champion.

           About Rival Star Horse Racing Game

The goal in Rival Star Horse is to join the race by riding a horse. When you’re racing for a win, you need to do your best. Make yourself known to others by demonstrating your racing skills. Adventure and fun abound in this game. Races like this one seem international. You can choose from a variety of horse types after purchasing them from the shop in the game.

Playing this game is like riding a horse. One of the companies behind this game is famous for making other, similar games. The company is called PIKPOK. In 2019, this game was released worldwide. Earlier this year, on the 8th of April 2021, the game was updated again. Game size is approximately 77Mb. It has already reached 10 million downloads. Ratings make this game too famous. I think this game’s ratings are too high; about 4.6+. There were more than 100K reviews of this game.

            Features of Rival Star Horse Racing Game

Many Types of Horses

You have to ride a horse in Name Rival Star Horse Racing to win. The game features many different types of horses. You can choose from any of them after unlocking them in the shop.

Training Mode

Horse racing is not the same as riding a horse and winning if you’re not familiar with the sport. So  you can use the training menu to hire a mentor who can tell you some points to help you win the race.

Having an experience like Real Race

Horse racing games with Rival Star are like being at the same level as horses racing at a world level. Horse racing is available here. Take it as seriously as the actual race.

 About Rival Star Horse Racing Game APK

Race games are among the most popular games among gamers. By going through all of its features, I believe you’ve found the right game APK. Stay in one place. There you go download Our official website hosts the APK for this game. APK for the game is already available here. Feel free to download it. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to download or where the download button is; just follow the instructions given below.

 APK Download Guide for the game Rival Star Horse Racing 

1) Click the download link at the end of the web page.

2) When you click on the download button, the download process will begin.

3) Just wait until the download is complete.

4) Once downloading is complete, go to download files, find the APK file, and install it.

5) Enjoy the game after the APK has been installed.

 Rival Star Horse Racing Mod APK

It’s true! The items in the shops in these games can only be unlocked with money. The two are identical. No coins or money. It took a long time for you to overcome a level. For this one, you need some upgrades. Therefore, we need to use the Mod APK for this game to solve this problem. It is the same APK as the original. If you want to get the Mod APK, you can download it from our given link. This will let you unlock all the features without the need to purchase them.

 Features of Updated Rival Star Horse Racing MOD APK

1) Unlimited bank account balances.

3) Have all the levels unlocked.

3) Purchase anything from the shop menu with ease.

4) Keep all upgrades to a minimum.


 Does your web site offer free downloading?

Yes, indeed! The service is free. It is free to download either APK or Mod APK from our website. APKs for this game are available everywhere for free, and Mod APKs are also available.

 Would it be possible to take pictures of the horses?

I agree! The horses in the game can be taken as pictures. But you can take pictures if you first unlock the phone. Below the picture, in the left menu, the picture take-away point is already present.

 Mod APKs are safe to use?

I agree! It is safe to install the Mod APK. You can trust all of the APKs that we provide on our site. You can use them without any tension or problems. Staff members have already tested it.


Here we are at last! Play a game in which you can experience horse racing the way you would in the real world. A number of useful features are provided in this game. You can take the pictures of horses here at the highest quality. Horses come in too many different colors and types. Rival Star Horse Racing Mod APK is a great racing game if you like it. Download it from our given link if you want to. Please comment below if you have any problems; we will attempt to resolve them.


What's new

- NEW: Daily Rewards - For the first 7 days new players will receive rewards for each day that they login. Existing players will also have access to these rewards. These rewards can only be claimed on the day so don’t forget to login!
- We've also made some improvements to Time Trial mode to help players in their quest to achieve the best times possible!


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